Broad Tech System, Inc.
Provide Engineering Service & Parts to Semiconductor Industry
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Ontario, CA 91761 USA
BTS Semiconductor Group is one of the world's leading suppliers
of semiconductor equipments and spare parts. We strive to offer
high quality refurbished equipments and professional engineering
services at the most competitive price.

We are offering a variety of equipments and engineering services
to semiconductor industry in worldwide, and focus on Ultratech
lithography tools, expert in-depth filed service assistance and
risk-free warranties, fully refurbished wafer steppers that are
turned to OEM specifications prior to shipment, to contribute to
our customers ultimate goal and minimize our clients work and
their cost saving it priority

We provide the following refurbished equipments and services
but not limit to:
Featured Refurbished Systems
We Provide Ultrach Stepper Systems and Canon PLA & MPA
Series Mask Aligners, Varain 3000 series supptering systems,
Eaton,Varian and Applied Implanter Systems fully refurbished to
OEM specification, we offer a full range of OEM upgrades and
enhancements to improve equipment performance,and rebuilt
with new high quality parts and assemblies to meet customer's

we also carry refurbished and AS IS condition tool for CHA
Mark50, Canon MPA500 mask aligner,FPA1550,2000iI stepper,
Gasnic Aura1000,3010, Matrix105/205/303/403,FSI Mercury
MP/OC, Semitool 4"/5"/6"/8", Verteg 1600-34/44/55 & 1800-6
etc., and more...
Unique Semiconductor OEM Spare Parts Supply
We stock huge inventory depots in the US,as well as having an
established worldwide network for spares parts at our disposal,
We can deliver spare parts much faster and  at a fraction of the
OEM price.  Our inventory consists of brand new, surplus,
refurbished, and second source parts.    

Please call us or send us a brief message if you are unsure of the
part you require or whenever you need immediate assistance for
trouble shooting, we will work with you to MINIMIZE your
work loading and MAXIMIZE your Cost Savings!
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